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The Day Trauma Came to Class

IMAGINAL Education Group, ReThink Learning’s for-profit affiliate, announces their soon to be released flagship course. The Day Trauma Came to Class™ addresses the intersection of trauma, poverty, and learning in the classroom. When trauma occurs, brain development is interrupted resulting in maladaptive emotions and behaviors showing up in the classroom. As this happens, teachers often…
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ReThink Wellness

ReThink Wellness (RW) is all about increasing student success and educator effectiveness through closing the gap between mental health professionals and classroom educators. Through the twofold strategy of (1) integrating the evidence-based neurosequential modeling, and (2) building intentional strength-based collaborations between mental health professionals and classroom educators, Basic steps for adopting the ReThink Wellness model include: staff…
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Rethink School Psychology

Special education teachers along with school psychologist and school counselors provide support to children presenting learning disabilities and behavioral problems.  Often times these presentations are symptomatic of the more hidden diagnosis of complex trauma from abuse or severe attachment disruption. I call it the Dr. Trajeckyl and Mr. Hide Effect(TM) of trauma. Trauma masks potential.…
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