The work of ReThink Learning, Inc. and Its for profit affiliate, Every Child Whole, LLC is all about interrupting the inequities in education. Inequities not addressed within the predecessor system of education will only spill over into other societal systems always leading to injustices in society. As a preface, traditional education was not designed for individual students, but rather built to accommodate a workforce that no longer exist. In addition, pushing out and away parents, and without regards for past historical traumas.

The synergy of brokenness in people and its cataclysmic intersect with the brokenness of our public education system demands our attention.  

ReThink Learning, Inc. has responded with the innovation of the Universal Equity Pedagogy (UEP) and the design of the Grounded Learning System and Framework (GLS/GLF). A research-driven system and framework that can be customized to meet the needs of the unique school, while respective of the individualized needs of the students.

GLS/GLF addresses the fragmentation and incongruence that perpetuates and exacerbates the brokenness while monitoring and evaluating the instructional and wholistic delivery to students. These strategies and framework hosted on a forthcoming social technology that will provide an ALL ACCESS PASS to story.