Founder/President, Dr. Ivy Bonk, is a systems thinker, strategist, designer, and solutions provider who has consulted and worked with people and organizations for over two decades creating answers, generating ideas, and developing processes to meet the challenges at hand. Her involvement in business (public, private, non-profit), education (higher ed, public, private, corporate), and government (federal and state) give her a unique perspective on leveraging divergent needs for a common outcome.

Her passion for social reform through education is a culmination of years of life experience and post-graduate research on the topic of how children are impacted by early life circumstances, often times misfortunate circumstances, that create an interruption to learning and their ability to access the very thing they need to move forward.

She founded ReThink Learning out of a desire to find ways through research, innovation, and design to interrupt inequity in education.

She received her doctorate in Educational Psychology from Regent University and holds a certification with The Neurosequential Network | Child Trauma Academy in Neurosequential Modeling in Education (NME).