Grounded Learning

The Grounded Learning System and Framework are innovations created  in partnership with our for-profit affiliate, Every Child Whole.  Education should be about providing students with sound foundations on which to build their learning. I (Bonk) use an analogy in the book of a construction site. We would not build a house on a broken foundation or a foundation that is not level and expect the house to stand or support the weight of other adjoining parts.  In keeping with that analogy, Grounded Learning could be likened to the International Building Code (IBC).   You can customize your home, outfit it with the fanciest and newest “you name it”, but there are certain standards required to sustain the structure.

We jumpstart the Grounded Learning process with the INTERRUPT Strategy. INTERRUPT stands for the Interim Neurosequential Treatment and Education for the Reversal of the Ramifications Understood by Poverty and Trauma.  The INTERRUPT Strategy takes advantage of the intersectionality of three power levers:

  • Engaged Parents/Families (EP),

  • Regulated Brains (RB), and

  • Assets-Based Students (AS).

It’s what they call a GAMECHANGER!